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Research has always been a big part of the undergraduate experience at Caltech.  In fact, today it is one of the main reasons why students choose to come to Caltech.  Since 1979, SURF has served as the primary way for students to get involved in the research enterprise.  We invite you to re-connect and share your SURF story with us.

There are over 7,000 SURF alumni who have conducted over 8,300 research projects!  Caltech and SURF alumni are making a difference all over the world, and we hope that through your participation with undergraduate research we’ve helped a bit in shaping your success! There are great stories out there among you and we would like to share them with the Caltech comunity and potential donors to SURF.

Please let us know how your SURF experience has influenced you and your subsequent academic and professional career or share your fondest undergraduate research memory. Share your story, however brief, with us so that we can learn more about the impact that SURF has had over the years. Email to share your SURF experience.

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